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Airbus A320

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6passenger seat
Airbus A320 - 1
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Airbus A320 - 6

Cpt. Pál Ruzsiczky, TRE A320

I had the opportunity to try the Pilot’s Airbus A320 fixed base training device. It’s located in an office building in central Budapest. The centre has a fully equipped briefing room with projector, whiteboard enough to accommodate up to 12 people. Besides the Airbus simulator, a Boeing 737NG, and a Cessna 172 simulator is present as well. The latter is in progress of obtaining the FNPT 1 qualification.

Although the simulator is not certified by any authority yet, it was a surprise for me seeing how many functions are implemented. It comes with a full 220 degrees projected visual system, enough observer seats, original pilot seats and a realistic cockpit layout. The MCDU functions are implemented well, the FCU is fully functional and the FMA, the PFD and ND are represented very accurately. The autopilot is fully functional, with all the modes implemented. It has a complete instructor station with the possibility of position setting, flight path plots and many customizable malfunctions. All the switches and knobs in the cockpit are operational; their action is immensely close to the original ones. For the time being, the simulator is equipped with CFM engines. I’ve found out from the technical personnel, that they are in the process of implementing the IAE engine as well. The flight characteristics of the device are similar to the ones used for for flight training. I think it presents a very good choice for those professionals, who are willing to accommodate themselves with the layout of the a320 cockpit, learning and practising procedures and flows of the Airbus.

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Airbus A320 body structure

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